We are Lifestyle.  Our focus is placed on how a brand authentically weaves within the 24-hour lifestyle of its target audience.  We are passionate about the level of work we do upfront.  Before even recommending a single tactic to our clients, we MUST ensure the direction is validated by the source (consumer).  We are Consumer Advocates and go deep on the art of listening.  We employ digital/social media listening tactics (along with additional research methods) to really uncover the conversations happening within your target consumer group (real time), not only related to your brand specifically, but your category. We also go as far as looking at the other areas of conversation your target demographic focuses on, as that can often uncover new ways in which to reach them through their complementary lifestyle interests.

Everything we do centers around understanding the consumer’s Activities, Interests, Opinions and Passions (AIOPs) – these elements are the glue that connect brands to the individual with a level of depth, and authenticity.  We pride ourselves on the insights we pull from listening to what your consumers want, and how they want it delivered. These insights drive recommendations, tactics and strategy.