The Team 

We are a passionate group of marketers, planners, digital enthusiasts, analysts, designers, copywriters, and brand architects with our pulse on culture. Our team reflects Canada’s cultural mosaic enabling us to help our clients connect authentically with their increasingly diverse target audiences. We help brands connect with consumers through non-traditional strategies involving lifestyle-based marketing and branding initiatives. We leverage our expertise in brand building, and vast array of relationships to help your brand grow. Everything we do comes from a place of passion and a desire to unearth what matters most to consumers.


Jesse Jones

President & Chief Innovation Officer

As Founder of TEN81 Lifestyle Inc., Jesse helps brands manage their public image and connect to their target audience in an authentic way. Jesse’s experience in lifestyle marketing, brand management, partnerships and strategy has been an instrumental part of TEN81’s success. Connect directly with Jesse on LinkedIn.

Lifestyle Insights & Analytics Team 

We spend the majority of our days listening. Listening to, and facilitating, human interest conversations both online and off speaking to everyone from teens to baby boomers. As consumer advocates it's our duty to understand the pulse of communities and demographics, uncovering what matters most to them within their 24-hour life cycle.

Our Lifestyle Insights & Analytics team will help you get to the root of what truly moves your customer as we navigate their worlds of behaviour and motivation. Our work spans many of today’s lifestyle industries including retail, travel, technology, real estate, automotive, CPG, health & wellness and food & beverage.